The Cupcake Girls®  and Aylo Announce Strategic Partnership

Committed to the well-being and safety of independent content creators

Montreal, Quebec (September 7, 2023) - The Cupcake Girls® , an organization that provides advocacy and referral services to consensual sex workers, as well as prevention and aftercare services to those affected by sex trafficking, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Aylo, a technology and media company, owner of a large portfolio of adult entertainment properties, including Pornhub, Brazzers,,Trans Angels and Nutaku.

Today marks a milestone as The Cupcake Girls®  and Aylo join efforts to positively impact the landscape of adult entertainment. This partnership is not just about shared goals, but also about shared values, resources, and a profound commitment to support the well-being, safety and success of independent content creators, and to curtail sex trafficking.

This partnership unites The Cupcake Girls®’ expertise in supporting sex workers with Aylo’s technology and educational resources, creating a powerful partnership to drive meaningful change. By sharing resources—ranging from collective collaborations to data insights— and by engaging with sex workers, the goal is to support consensual sex workers and foster an environment where their safety and success is prioritized.

The Cupcake Girls®  and Aylo have already begun discussions to bring together their respective stakeholders under a shared objective to help ensure the safety and well-being of consensual sex workers. This partnership will act as a bridge between The Cupcake Girls®' program participants and Aylo team members to provide a link and introduce existing, safer technologies and resources, which can protect adult content creators. Additionally, it will create new resources, in-person and virtual opportunities to facilitate access to information, and will support content creators working both in studios and independently.


“I've been working alongside sex workers and survivors of sex trafficking since 2006, and unfortunately, I've lost friends due to the violence caused by widespread misunderstandings and societal judgments against them. Right now is a profoundly important moment for both The Cupcake Girls® and Aylo. We've come together with a shared mission to make meaningful changes in the world of adult entertainment. Our partnership is built on a strong commitment to ensuring safety, education, and empowerment for everyone in the industry. The Cupcake Girls® and Aylo share a common dream: a world where sex workers can pursue their work safely and confidently, without fear, and where sex trafficking is entirely eliminated. Together, we're working to bring about substantial, positive transformations, and we’re inviting you to join us.”
- Amy-Marie Merrell – Executive Director, The Cupcake Girls®

“In our line of work, it's paramount that we establish nurturing partnerships where creators can truly thrive, secure in the knowledge that they possess the support and liberty to unleash their full creative potential. I'm thrilled to announce our exciting new collaboration with Aylo and Pornhub, as it promises to cultivate precisely this kind of empowering environment.”
- Dr. Monique Martinez-Quiros, BHP, DBH, MS, LPC, LCPC, NCC, Therapist, Pineapple Support, and Vice Chair, The Cupcake Girls®

“With our mission, vision, and ideals it is indeed imperative that we cultivate and develop effective relationships with our partners who organically empower and encourage creativity and uniqueness of all folx to ensure they achieve their full actualized self. It’s an honor to share in that collaboration with our partners Aylo and Pornhub.”
- Dr. Dominique Burns, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, Board Member, The Cupcake Girls®

“This is an excellent step in building a positive reputation of trust and safety that will impact the lives of many consensual sex workers and independent content creators. Partnering with solid and impactful organization like The Cupcake Girls® is a fantastic step forward. I look forward to the positive impact this partnership will make.”
- Sofia Rose, Board Member, The Cupcake Girls®, and Porn Star

“I see true empathy when meeting with the Aylo team and for this I’m enthusiastic for The Cupcake Girls® to partner with them and create even more change for the betterment of the Sex Worker community.”
- Charlotte Stokely, Board Chair, The Cupcake Girls®, and Porn Star

“For so many years now, my colleagues and I have watched in awe the dedicated efforts of The Cupcake Girls®. As part of the Aylo family, the Pornhub team is excited to be a part of this partnership. This partnership is a perfect match with our efforts to provide safe spaces and resources for verified content creators. Tools and resources exist, but they can only work if they are in the hands of those who need them. The Cupcake Girls® are a trusted community for sex workers and independent content creators, we recognize that building that reputation and that trust takes hard work, and we want to be part of their effort to drive meaningful change.”
-  Alex Kekesi, VP Brand and Community, Pornhub

“Over the past few months, we’ve been meeting with stakeholders. We heard that although our platforms are leading in providing resources, education and support for content creators, we must do more. Formalizing this partnership is just the first step, we look forward to working with The Cupcake Girls® to provide a link and introduce existing, safer technologies and resources that can protect adult content creators.”
- Sarah Bain, VP Public Engagement, ECP